Smartphone Holder Holds Your Phone,

You Hold the Eye Shooter.

Costs Less than a good Cell Phone Case!
It's also a Smart Stand
Go Hands Free Head Mount
Phone/GPS/Dash Mount
Grip-Hold-Zoom Steady 
Mount Phone on a Tripod 
 Shoot Pro Quality Video 
  SMART DESIGN  MULTI-FUNCTION  This is no 1 trick pony!

The Perfect Accessory for Smartphones

PLUS It replaces $500 dollars worth of gadgets and it's priced less than a good case.
YOUR SMARTPHONE IS A CAMERA, hold it like one for more creative control.  Like staying steady or zooming in close, even if your phone has no OIS, optical image stabilization. If it does so much the better.
The Headband features a no buckle design, ease of use, comfort
and a snug custom fit. Plus the Headband converts to a neck strap like
                                    a camera so you can better stabilize your shots.
Eye Shooter Headband Converts to a Neck Strap for Hand Held Steady Video with your cell phone.
The Grip Clip holders  are clear and work by compression 
to securely lock your smartphone to the Ball Socket Mount.  

The ball can swivel and adjust for the desired POV line of sight angles when

shooting so you can mount your phone/camera lens pointing front, rear,

selfie camera facing any way you want.


As a Smart Stand 

The ball socket allows angle adjustments for use as a stand for your desk or night stand.

Great for hands free facetime, web cam and watching movies.

Made in the USA
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