My friends call me The Doc as I look like 

Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future. Gotta love the doc.

My One of a Kind Original  INVENTIONS

I'm Tom the Doc Barrera -

Inventor/Photo Videographer/Ace Editor, outside the box thinker.

Author and Father of 2 with 4 grandkids. 

I’m not very good at raising money for my inventions or the stock market for that matter. Just trying to stretch what little money I have left.  So far this year not working out that way. I’m a great outside the box kind of inventor/thinker, a little wacky like the doc with a great success record. Unfortunately I have always been a dreamer, a poor one man show wearing to many hats using all my own money for product development. I’m very good at that part of it, but my inventions were doomed from the start financially. After tapping out on design and tooling costs which I'm great, bringing them to market with no money, no employees, little sales, failure was inevitable. It was always my hope that if I build a better mousetrap the world would beat a path to my door. Well from my experience that’s total bull shit. Not without a lot of money, and a great sales/marketing and development team.

I have quite a few viable products, ventures and 1 back burner project that can help and continue in Nikola Tesla's footsteps. 

But first here's my story as a good inventor bad entremanure. A lifetime of ingenuity, successful inventions, none fully realized all leading up to this moment. You invitation inspired me to putting this all together for you. Thank You for Reading.


Hey if there is any possibility of getting grant support, screw the Shark Tank. 

I could never get past there producer screeners anyway. If you want to take a break from it all, watch this fun heartwarming video. I made it for my 92 year old Iwo Jima Vet Dad to send to the Shark Tank.

They never saw it. Probably for the best as the sharks would have eaten me alive as to what my sales and valuation is etc etc.  A Grant Works for me and Employees, Not a Tank Full of Sharks.

Demo Video To the Shark Tank. Run Time 19:23

Back to the Future 4 Parody

The Power of Love”

Dad's 90th Birthday Celebration.

You asked "the meaning of what people often refer to as “love.” 

The theme was “the power of love”  parts were pre recorded for live screen background for play acting live. It was filmed entirely with my latest invention, just 2 eye shooters. The 3d printed prototypes had just been delivered 1 day before so I and my shooters had no prior experience using them. The project and video was a complete success. But unfortunately!

The Sharks never saw it, if they did, they didn't have the decency to even reply. That really hurt. There lose YOUR GAIN. Maybe is was fate!

                                                                  This is me in the early eighties film flying in the clouds                                                                         over the cliffs of Makapuu Windward side of Oahu where I                                                                     produced the world's first music video called Naturally, a                                                                         video filmed in VHS from the air way before GoPros.  It                                                                           was amazing. Had to carry separate heavy recorder packs                                                                       back in those days. I designed mounting rigs for my 5 lb                                                                           JVC  Video camera the smallest at the time  and it was                                                                             attached near the wings end with counter wing weight                                                                             balance. I once flew at night during a full moon, landing on the beach to a bond fire. Then go boogie boarding.  Used to take Pics of people with Scarlet the Bird. He is still with me to this day outlasting all the women in my life. My best pal!

The Groom Cam. By the way, I invented a GoPro type device 2 years before Nic Woodmen. 

I wanted to get some personal POV shots so I fitted a pinhole camera in the Grooms Tie transmitting a wireless signal to a recorder. I have always been ahead of my time.


I went on to become a photo videographer in Hawaii. Had a natural talent for editing montage Music Video Tributes. Most of these amazing videos have been seen by few people.

Maybe cause YouTube has 1.3 trillion videos with 300 hours uploaded every minute!

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. 

This is an FSX Flight Simulator Adventure Movie I think you will really enjoy. I don't hang glide anymore so I created it in hopes of getting support for a REAL Everest Challenge.  Hundreds of hours went into the production. 100% successful. Unfortunately 2 years ago YouTube flagged it removing important to the adventure music tracks in it. I Took it down. Not many ever saw it.

Now YOU CAN.  I just reuploaded it and no issues yet.  Hope you enjoy it! It's a REAL TIME flight. 

32 min run time. You won't want to fast forward this one!


The Everest Glider Challenge FSX Adventure Movie.  

Your mission is to self launch off mount everest setting the altitude self launch soaring record, then land at Lukla, the most dangerous airport in the World.  The mission challenge continues as you circle around the top of Everest; then follow the sunset, around way point 2 heading towards the valleys leading to Lukla. Is this mission even possible? To survive this mission, you are going to need great flying skills, a strong foot launchable sailplane glider, and enough oxygen.


My Music Video Editing Style and Artistry.  Here are a few Videos I think you will enjoy.

I don't assemble video clips and dub music onto them, I paint the music with Video and Imagry.

"A Tribute to the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.

A montage of the life of Elvis Presley comprising dozens of movies, concerts and photos edited to a seven song medley.

A Tribute to the 86  LA Olympics

Every Event. Nothing but 10's 300 hours to edit tape to tape.

A Tribute to the Marines   Featuring real WW2 footage and sounds that I edited together in honor of my father, an Iwo Jima Marine veteran, and cousin Danny Gatto who was killed in

Viet nam. It is a tribute to all who serve and protect our liberties.

A Tribute to Carlos Barrera  My father featured in the Back to the Future  Parody for his 90th. 

This is How We all Shared His Life and Faced Death Together as a Family of One. I LOVE YOU DAD  THIS IS YOUR TRIBUTE VIDEO by Your First Born Son Tom Barrera

Our Loving Father Passed On January 24th, at 1:23-1:26 pm.

I and my Loving Family were all around him.  I recorded his beautiful passing as it naturally happened. It was not planned. The Lord Prepared me for this Work to Compile and Document 
His Truths of All Things Plainly. The Book of T Theory. The Purpose of Our Existence,  Life  Death  Immortality Little did I know, but it was for me, my father and family as well.


Here's a few of my inventions


AQUA WEB for Power Swimming, Boogie Boarding and Surfing.  After boogie boarding under a full moon after landing my glider on the beach, I wanted more thrust for catchin waves quicker with no fins.  I came up with a Webbed Glove for Power Swimming,  arm strength training, boogie boarding and surfing. Today a few exist but they suck. Big and bulky heavy fabrics. Nowhere near what I designed. My Aqua Web would be like a smooth skin fitting surgical glove with webbed construction ala AquaMan. The idea was to build a small vacuum forming type box you put your hands into and the glove is custom fit formed right on the spot in minutes. The thought was to Sell and Licence it to surf shops. Still a viable idea along with pre manufactured ones as well. 

The Quad Pods Video Camera  Stabilizers were born in 2008.

As an exceptional Videographer I was shooting a wedding video and the photographer moved right into the altar area blocking my tripod mounted center isle Cam. He got his money shots, I got the back of this guys freaking head. Necessity is the mother of all invention so I set out to eliminate the photographers from ruining my work ever again and I doubled my income in the process.


I came up with The Quad Pod Parazzio a stabilizer and multi camera support system.

Capable of mounting 2 cameras and taking photos and shooting videos simultaneously. Perfect for ENG, Electronic News Gathering and Photo Videography. Only possible with a Quad Pod.

There's still millions to be made with this product. I didn’t scratch the surface with it.  But first ever Photo Videographer in the world, creating Photo-Videography Montage Editing. The blending of still photos at the point of snapping those priceless shots without the dam photographers getting in the way. What Joy! I had instant access to the photos, not wait weeks to get them from separate photographer. I then use them creatively in the editing process. The results were heart warming and wonderful. I doubling my income using them, but very little selling them. Suffered from TTSS  (turns to shit syndrome) and went on to the next invention.


Chip Sliders 2013. I like to play roulette it's just like the stock market only quicker

One night at a casino, a player won 240 chips. That's 12 stacks of 20 chips. The dealers are trained in how to move stacks of chips to the player with specific hand coordination methods. Well this dealer spilled the pile all over the table holding up the play. Not uncommon for inexperienced new dealers. For management, the spin rate determines profitability over time.  So I asked the dealer why they don’t have some sort of device to easily move chips to and from the players. He said they would welcome such a device. So DUH, I start the invention product development process again without being paid or financed to do so. And as usual I was 100% successful and went on to produce hundreds of them for sale. I go back to the casino few months later to show them off and was totally rejected by the Casino Table Gaming Manager. Went to a Vegas Gaming Trade Show as a visitor not exhibitor to pitch distributors.


And again I failed suffering from TTSS.  Every time. Success followed by failure to market and sell my inventions. So I get bored discouraged and start all over again with something else in the hope that the next one will be the one. See them in action.  


My Fireplace Heating System 2008 with Petra Logs.

This is my favorite invention not produced as a product, but could be. 

Do you remember Back to the Future 3 where the Doc put his special petral logs into the Steam Locomotive to super charge it so Marty could get Back to the Future?

Just for the hec of it I made one. It's made out of sawdust, crushed coal bits, binding flammable agent, compressed it and vaulaa Mini Petro Logs.  


One cold winter day the power went out. I do have a standard fireplace to warm that room but they suck up more heat than is ideal. Humm! What can I do to improve the fireplace to heat the WHOLE HOUSE? Design and build this solution! Cold water is circulated via 1” steel pipe coiled around all 5 sides and heated then via pump circulates hot water to baseboard radiators throughout the entire house. I have a mfg in mind that could do all the exotic bending to put together a marketable system. It has old style battery power that kicks in during power outages. Needless to say your battery storage options would be a great addition to this system. It has worked for me for a decade saving me thousands in fuel costs. I Can envision a portable fire pit system that could be used off grid or in Power Stricken Areas for heating outdoor shelters. 

This one ties into Solar City, right up Elons alley.


The Solar Clean

My sister has solar panels on her house from Solar City. It's a tall house and not possible to remove winter snow rendering them useless until the sun melts it. During the summer months cleaning them is not easy either. So she asked me to come up with a simple way to wipe off snow in winter and clean the panels in the summer. I did my thing dreaming up solutions and as usual came up with a solution that worked perfectly well. Time to scale it up and guess what happens. “You can't put that system on our panels. It will void the warranty.” Oh well. TTSS all over again. It would have operated from ground level up like a vertical clothesline connecting a pulley system with or without power options that moves the wiper tubes down to force off the snow in winter. During the summer months attach a hose to the wiper tube to clean them in the summer. I just saw a tweet of Tesla Solar Roof....Way cool. What about snow? 


The Prapala, a self propelled fishing lure with battery powered micro motor proof of concept rig that could swim around on its own for 15 minutes. I really wanted to develop and tool up that one up just to see the kids have fun using them to fish onshore. I wanted to use them for stealth. Go into a still water cove, find that honey spot, drop it silently into the water with a small bobber and direct its heading with a twitch of the rod. Way cool!

This opens the door to Electric Lures.


The Aeropod Saturn 3 Aeroponic Grow System 2016 a space age indoor Aeroponic Hybrid system with built in trellis system that supports 50 lbs of Tomatoes. Plus a model with special root chambers for testing nutrients, root development and propagation. I could probably design some custom systems for Mars. I also invented outdoor 3 Dimensional hydro tube gardening for large home decks. It featured 3 vertical multilevel tiers built all along and around the deck railings. I grew hundreds of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables a season, dirt cheap, no soil.


The Eye Shooter Smartphone Holder 2017 was designed and produced specifically not to be a small niche product but for the 3 billion smartphones on the planet. I figured if I made a product for that market, I should get rich. I did not, yet. Such a huge disappointment I’m still not over it. Down $50,000 in tooling and development. Been in a slump ever since. 

But it’s young and can still make millions if properly funded and promoted. It’s a multifunction design that holds and turns any phone into a headband like a GoPro for hands free photo videography. It also turns into a Stand for desktop use, mounts to car dashboards for safe hands free talking and using GPS and it’s tripod mountable too.

Know how many people don’t know how to hold a smartphone for shooting video? They use portrait, looks great on TV doesn't it. Not landscape. But it's been a monetary and sales disappointment with rejection from retailers and distributors, verizon etc, then pissing away thousands to try and sell it direct online with what little cash I had left after tooling.

It quickly gets sucked into the money sucking machine on autopilot called google, and amazon where for over  a year I wondered why no sales. Was never even seen because of there catch 22 rules Duh! They actually told me you have to be popular to be seen and to show up prominently. So how do I do that being unknown and new? $1600 a share? Bite me Amazon.


Through it all I keep on truckin but making the same mistakes over and over. Technically that's insanity. I'm a sucker for punishment and disappointment. What can I say.

I just love creating and inventing stuff. Even though I suck at sales and marketing just like tesla.

Edison on the other hand was the better entrepreneur. But Nikola was the real genius. But I don’t consider myself a failure because I loved the process and challenges of turning napkin drawings into real physical product ready for sales and it was worth it. The satisfaction of seeing my visions come to life is powerful. You know the feeling well I’m sure. But this pattern MUST STOP.

I'm living on social security.   I should be at least a millionaire by now.


The “I Get Around” PTV” Project Page  Now it's 2018 and I'm semi retired and poorer than ever but still inventing. I'm currently working on my own Personal Transportation Vehicle. I'm getting older and have trouble walking longer distances like at Airports, NJ Boardwalk, with the family and grandkids. I'm older now but too young for and don’t want to ride around in an old man cart or break my neck on an electric skateboard. I want something more cool, so

I decided to design a portable PTV.

This will be the Soundtrack for a promo video.

Go ahead and play it an imajine people from 8 to 80 having fun getting around on this PTV.

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00


Take a segway, hoverboard and electric  skateboard and merge them together and you have the PTV Runabout featuring Rear 6000 w Quad Drive, the everyman's PTV.

My vision for it is the same as Henry Ford's Vision for the Model T the first car to be affordable for a majority of Americans. I'm thinking of calling it the I GET AROUND with Walkabout / Runabout models.  Like hoverboards and electric skateboards, they would appeal to many age groups just for fun and sport but that's not its primary function or market. Mommy, daddy and grandparents can easily enjoy them too. From 8 to eighty.


That's incredible market potential for the new Growing PTV industry. With the Tesla Name, we could quickly dominate it. And you need more cash. Replying to @Lori_Garver @JeffBezos

Lori, this is ridiculous. Creating a rocket company has to be one of the dumbest and hardest ways to “make money”. If it was about money, I’d just do another Internet company.  Or this ?

It easily converts from sport mode to easy/stand/sit/ride modes with adjustable back and seat support for all ages, for standing or semi seated mode and unlike most new PTVs will require no balancing act or expensive computer control balancing systems and control hardware. Step on safely, strap in, release stationary brake and go using hand grip throttle controls. It’s very safe and stable and maneuverable with a patentable foot controlled steering system. Try that with an electric skateboard. Or try getting around on a board with a broken leg in a cast. Millions of non athletic people even "the little old lady from pasadena" will love this PTV. 

Go granny go! 

The Walkabout / Runabout PTVs will allow easy turning at slow speeds. The recessed built in footpad is attached to a turning wheel which when turned, rotates the front dual wheel axle up to 60 degrees left or right. Freakin amazing. I can do slow standing 360s in a 3-5 foot radius with the proof of concept prototype. The original Model T sold for $850.00. So will the I get Around - Walkabout. It will be foldable and wheelable like a small carry along suitcase weighing in at under 25 lbs. In sport mode it can hit 35 mph and handle San Francisco street inclines with Quad wheel drive. Keep one in the trunk of your Tesla, just in case you need to go get some gas. No wait you can't but there's another solution. Emergency backup power.  See Last Venture.

                                                       Imagine this body being shrunk down to a platform/Board/

Tesla Inspired PTV Body with all the above features?  Despite the risks, Musk said he wanted to find solutions for "things that don't seem to be working that are important for our life and for the future to be good."

See PTV” Project Page   This market will be huge. And I’m open to adding it to the Tesla family. Open up a new PTV division? Think of it! A whole new market for and of Tesla lovers, stock owners and millennials who can't afford to buy or get a Tesla, could buy a Tesla PTV. Then graduate to one of your electric cars in the future. Way Cool! You could use more good press like that. And at the rate your burning cash, so I've read, you could use the money and make your stockholders all happy. 


Saved the Best for last! My “been on the back burner” vision I think will interest you.  

AIRFLOW POWER. I’m a very good inventor, but as you can see for yourself,  it's extremely unlikely any of my inventions will go anywhere without $$$$$$. And sadly my greatest venture ideas with worldwide promise, may never be realized.  I have to get support. I need to break out of this losing pattern. I don't want to be an entremanure. I need a JP Morgan, or a Westinghouse, to capitalize on my ideas and creations.


I need Elon Musk, the visionary that wants to go to Mars. Now that's cool!  

We now have Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydro, Nuclear and Electrical Power via fossil fuels etc. I’m waiting for Fusion Power and Wireless but until that day I have been envisioning a new

category of energy production. I call this new form of energy generation AIRFLOW POWER.

Instead of air going through a Stationary Generator (windmill) the Generator goes through the air! (On a moving object)


This Invention will make your cars namesake proud.

Nicola Tesla was and is, as you are, a hero of mine. Why a hero? He gave away his AC royalty rights to help Westinghouse save his company. That one selfless act was historic and world changing. This invention could continue in that spirit!

” Musk went on to offer an additional $1.2 billion to anyone who could show him the meaning of what people often refer to as “love.”  

That’s LOVE. He cared so much more for what AC Electricity would do for the world he died penniless to see it through. What if you could do the same. Would you? I think you would. But you don’t need to end up poor like him or me, or give away tons of money like Rockefeller, Carnegie and Gates. Your grant would help develop some of these projects. Like JP Morgan Backed Edison who hired Nicola who was then screwed by Edison, who eventually got screwed my Morgan. Well we all know what happened to Edison Electric! Tesla Stock, in the 3 hundreds (opps not any more, great buying opportunity, wish I could buy more.) GE $13.00. By the way years ago I thought to go to GE, right in Schenectady NY near where I live, with my ideas for the AF Generator.

Who better than GE? They offered a whopping $100 dollars for new and innovative ideas. True story.


What is Airflow Powers potential? Power to the People Directly via Bonus not free energy.

Who hasn’t stuck there hand out a moving car window to feel the force of the airflow over there hand. Capturing that force is not a new idea. But you can’t put a windmill on a car or moving vehicle. Or can you? What if you could? Airplanes have drop down propellers that power emergency systems. As with any form of power you need a system to generate it. You need to think outside the box. The heart of the airflow power generation concept and patent name would be the Thomas AIR FLOW Generator by Tesla. Like its name implies, the device uses airflow to generate electrical power for storage. Basically, it’s a Battery Charger!

So it doesn't try to BREAK the laws of thermodynamics by powering itself running a car!

But I do think that law can be BENT a little. Be interesting to find out. 

This is my first attempt. Pretty crude but it was a start.

My latest design Ideas are on hold pending cad engineering, expensive airflow analysis and dynamic simulations. My test concept shown here was a car / truck / top version built to charge a battery bank for off grid use ie camping or Vehicle to Inverter/Grid.  It had 2 x 8 rotating airflow blade / fins (complete bust, needs to be completely redesigned) built around 2 AC windmill Generators. My on the drawing board new generator housing design will minimize the overall additional drag  on the vehicle. It directs air through the system turning the generators and storing the energy created. But without advanced lite battery power storage solution it was ahead of its time. Now time and new lighter faster charging battery storage tech has caught up.

It’s now a viable idea. To get an idea of how the concept would work in theory see Francis Turbine that is powered by flowing water. Some of these principles can be adapted for airflow. 


The system will use AIR Stream FLOW instead. The key to its success will be what I call the air scoops and some outside the box generator designs. Not propellers, impellers, rotors or any typical existing shapes. I have designs that I think can produce the equivalent force of 10 foot windmill blades in a small footprint to intake Flat LAMINAR AIRFLOW stream to generate and harness the electricity. It must be extremely light and have a lot of force carrying surface area.

I know how to do it. Like the fictional Flux Capacitor making time travel possible.

The _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _will make Airflow Power possible. 

With your new battery technology and some other creative outside the box solutions, we can develop Airflow Generators, and help the world create additional energy on the marty mac fly so to speak using ANY MOVING VEHICLE. Envision the future of that possibility.

The Challenges.

There have been a few attempts but most dismiss the idea by saying those attempting it are trying to break the laws of thermodynamics. Of course you can’t generate and use that power at the same time they say, or can you? The increased drag would negate any energy gains, would it, really? But what if you could drive or move and charge batteries at the same time? What if the drag of the system design was not enough to cancel out the gains or that cost worth it for the energy produced and stored for the need. I have a way to do it. The key to extending the range would be multiple battery banks. The Airflow Generator charges the near empty secondary power bank and its switchable when needed. This would theoretically extend the range of any electric vehicle and OR affixed to ANY VEHICLE used for bonus energy V to G. Come home, plug it into the Home Grid or off grid location. The trade off would be the extra battery weight but getting lighter.  Not quite what Tesla really wanted with wireless energy but Power to the People Directly non the less. This could be the next best thing. 

The Airflow Generators could be designed and built for retrofit or built right INTO NEW Model Hybrids, electric cars and trucks. You are not like Ford. In his mind the Model A was the be all end all of cars. No other car would ever be needed. Edsel and competition did finally force him to reinvent his perfect car. Your next future model could set you apart from the rest forever with a tesla that can generate some of its own power, far superior to regenerative braking. I would share the patent rights with you not give them away like Tesla did. Just look at the contraptions on the rooftops of Self Driving Cars. The airflow generator housing design could incorporate both into one low profile system. But that's just dreaming for now. 

NOTE 3/27/18 Stock market going waco.  Not the time to put my life savings in the stock market. I can do much better playing roulette. As a matter of fact one of my inventions was a roulette tracking "at a glance # tracking chart " that eliminates the house edge. Didn't sell. I made $$$ with it. Gamblers are losers. To impatient to use it.  


So Facebook melts down, your stock melts down over recalls and Self driving car accidents.

Oh My! With that in mind I ask you, what could be better be better for Humanity than Self Driving cars AND Moving Vehicles that Generate Power to the People? What would Nikola Choose? 

This market would be a 10000% more beneficial to the world and far more lucrative for you than just self driving cars. May be inevitable but Screw that I want TO DRIVE a Roadster Not be Limoed in one! But then again, there would definitely be advantages. We can have both.

Rolling Power Stations, Imagine that and the Commercial Applications!  The big bucks will be in the trucking transport industry and especially RAIL and Box Car Trains. 

Fixed rail / fixed route trucks capturing energy as they travel to and from. All carrying your new large scale battery storage modules that can easily be rigged for on / off loading right at the Terminals/Charging Stations and the generated power used and tapped via the Grid at the Terminals/Stations. Ie truck arrives at terminal with fully charged battery banks that are swapped out. Same for Trains and stations.  I’m not good at the math but can you imagine the potential for energy storage? It’s as close to free bonus energy as is possible. This is just one of many opportunity yet to be imagined. What do you think so far? You're the expert on battery teck. 

What's up with Lithium? Bought some LAC stock with operations near the gig. Is it going to be a big part of the equation to you?


Personal Power Generation via Vehicle to Grid.  Any moving vehicle could generate and store battery power for later use and plugged into the grid for some bonus energy.

It all adds up in a power hungry world.


Power to the people. 

Many third world applications are possible as well. Cool I see Battery Power Transfer Stations could work for Personal Power Needs where there is NONE.  Giving them some love.

I was very close to a working proof of concept model but due to the costs to redesign the major component the right way, it went on the back burner and I went on to produce the Eye Shooter to make my fortune with hopes of resurrecting it later. Didn’t happen that way as is the story of my life. I can't get no respect so on the back burner it remains.