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Altamont Fair, Altamont NY August 16-24th

Altamont Fair, Altamont NY August 16-24th The Eye Shooter was a big hit and we put it to the ultimate test by putting them on artists, sculptors, high wire walkers, horses, ponies and even a sheep. How big a HIT?    See for your self, click the videos button. 

Had a great time at the fair. We sold the first eye shooters off the assembly line and they were very well received. Everyone liked the versatility and multi function features. Most were surprised at the price point being so reasonable and affordable. Here are a few shots I took with the eye shooter in headband mode.  July 19-24  Saratoga County Fair, Saratoga NY
IMG_2258 (2)
IMG_2258 (2)

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Eye Shooter Smartphone Holder Announces Official Launch

The Eye Shooter Smartphone Holder turns any smartphone into a POV video camera which …

Eye Shooter Inventor
Photo Videographer 
Tom (the doc) Barrera
Pictured with Iphone 6 Plus
My Mission... Make a smartphone holder for everyday applications and just for having fun! Now when taking photos and making videos, you can get stability even if your phone doesn't have OIS.
I designed it to last for years. As a photo videographer, I found smartphones to be less than ideal to use and hold. Only a few high end larger phones have optical image stabilization and they are not perfect. People get used to it. Few options. So I set upon designing the eye shooter with all the quality features that I would want. One i would be happy with and proud of.....being a Photographer/Videographer/Editor, I'm a perfectionist.  Now, after many revisions and improvements, it's ready and
I Love it!!!!!   You will too. I guarantee it. 
Five Questions for Tom Barrera

Local inventor Tom Barrera and his new product,

The Eye Shooter. Photo provided POSTED: 09/24/16, 12:30 PM EDT | UPDATED: 1 DAY AGO




Clifton Park NY  September 14th, 2016

Eye Shooter inc presents, The Eye Shooter Smartphone Holder.  

Inventor, Tom Barrera introduced his latest invention for smartphone users and is now featuring it on Indiegogo. https://igg.me/at/eyeshooter


His Mission... Make a multi function smartphone holder for everyday applications and just for having fun! It can turn any good photo video enthusiast into a Steven Spielberg by helping them capture photos and videos much more creatively. Even mount your smartphone to a headband and use it like a GoPro.


Tom commented, “As a professional photo videographer, when smartphone video went HD, I became more interested in them. The new cameras surpassed my pro video cameras. But alas, less than ideal to hold, let alone get creative with. What good is shaky 4k quality video? With the exception of the common shots, holding a phone’s camera is nothing like using an old fashioned camera. Only high end phones have optical image stabilization. Forget about zooming in without shake. So all kinds of gadgets, holders, and sticks came about, all are 1 trick ponies. Hmmmm! Think outside the box Tom!

Tom did, he commented, “My Eureka moment, what if I could make a smartphone holder to replace all those gadgets. A stabilizer / mount / holder / stand / dash mount / for any size smartphone. I could use it in the car, at home, at work and at play. I could reel in that whopper fish hands free. Then, unlike the others, my smartphone is a Computer / HD Camera. I can view, edit, and upload my footage quickly and easily, or download for creative editing. I even live streamed from my booth at the fair.”

But more than a headband, it's a SMARTPHONE STAND for hands free use, facetime, a webcam or just for watching movies.


The eye shooter is no 1 trick pony. It's has multiple functions. Mount it on your Dashboard for hands free talking, GPS or as a Dash Cam. Plus the Eye Shooter easily mounts to tripods and adaptors with standard 1/4" 20 thread.

About Eye Shooter inc

Tom Barrera has been inventing since elementary school.  His friends call him the doc,  a sometimes wacky inventor, a lot like the doc from Back to the Future.


“Now, after many revisions and improvements, it's ready and I Love it!!!!!   


Most would agree an inexpensive alternative to Gopro type cameras and different gadgets would be very well received. There are 4 billion smartphones out there and the eye shooter works with all of them.


To connect with Tom Barrera or to learn more about the Eye Shooter call 1-518-810-4659 or visit http://www.eyeshooter.com or visit his Indiegogo campaign at  https://igg.me/at/eyeshooter