The Eye Shooter Standard and Deluxe Models are Shelf Standing and or Rack Mountable.

Option 1 The Pro model with EZ Grip is attached into the bottom of the package so the customer can try it out right on the spot at Point of purchase.


Option 2 The Pro is Rackable but not free standing but can be with bigger

tube for stand/display purposes, but would not allow holding by the EZ Grip.

 Adhesive Labels on bottom 

This design works for all 3 model Eye Shooters. 4.75'' dia wide x 5'' tall. The label fits around the inside.

I may just offer 2 models. 

Stick On Hang Tap

Packaging the Eye Shooters


This is an in store counter display I can provide.

This display features the main functions of the Eye Shooter Smartphone Holder.

The head shows the POV Headband. The Neck strap with EZ Grip, and shown as a stand.

Production ready prototype box design. 

This design works for all 3 model Eye Shooters. Has a see through window. 

Dimensions 4.25 wide x 3.25 deep x 9.5 tall. 

1st prototype was to small for Eye Shooter Pro with EZ grip option.