The Runabout PTV with Quad Drive  

Personal transportation vehicles. 

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Longer range. Smaller batteries. Sleeker, more integrated designs. These are things you can expect to hear touted in 2018 by the companies that make what we at The Verge call electric rideables — an imperfect catch-all term that covers everything from electric skateboards to hoverboards to whatever the hell this is.

Some of those features are starting to hit the streets, and smart connectivity is making these things more than just boards with wheels and motors. That brings us to a point where we’re likely to see some radical innovation, maybe in the form of new shapes and sizes — personal vehicles that will blur the line between something like an electric skateboard, a bike, and a car. And, in fact, that line’s already getting pretty fuzzy.

But I really hope 2017 will be the year that the startups and major automakers start to mix in a little purpose. Electric skateboards are fun, don’t get me wrong, but the rise of electric motors has opened up great potential in this area of small, personal vehicles. That potential can be tapped if and when these companies solve a few of these concrete problems, all of which could happen in the coming year.   Read more........

That's Right!  I DID it, here it is.

The I get Around Runabout PTV Featuring Quad DRIVE. 
Take a segway, hoverboard and skateboard and merge them together and you have the Runabout Quad Drive, the everyman's PTV. 

Early prototype design drawings.

This is a round belt / pulleys system for turning the front wheels. It will allow easy turning at slow speeds. It is sandwiched in between platform layers. The footpad is attached to a turning wheel which when turned with the right foot turns the center pulley which rotates the front axle up to 90 degrees left or right. Freakin amazing. I can do slow standing 360s in a 3-5 foot radius with the proof of concept prototype.  Getting the design tweaked even better with custom machined parts.

This is the main tube support for the stand up/ sit down PTV platform. 

The Walkabout, Runabout and Big Foot DIY Kit
Personal Transportation Vehicles and Lightweight stand up Support systems.
Can be ridden and steered with out a balancing act.
The Board About DIY Kit will allow ​the walkabout to be custom retrofitted to most electric long boards and skateboards.
The Runabout is the powertrain and can run with or without the walkabout support system for more versatility.
This opens up the type and age group of users from kids through to the elderly and physically impaired ie someone with a broken leg in a cast is not going to skateboard around.
BigFoot, the Walkabout DIY Kit   
Add BigFoot the adjustable walkabout board and
support frame to your long board. Great for comfortable
cruising for long comfortable rides. Height adjustable with 
forward backwards lean adjustment. Adjusts to stand up
seat position too.
The Runabout Model T with Dual Drive 3000w 
It will have a Run Time 1 hours , 25 miles, 50 on external pack. 
Features 2 rear hub motor wheels with regenerative braking. Foot control steering system. 
Speeds......from a crawl to walking speed, double time and up to 25 mph for short bursts.
Not athletic, need something more stable?  Add the Walkabout Support Frame Option
Once attached simply unfold up the support frame to go walkabout. Easy quick set up.
Adjust frame to your body style,  height and forward / backwards lean positions.
Lock in place with 1 Knob. Turn on system, strap in, release parking brake and use the comfortable grip joystick controller on the swivel arm to hold onto and go in any direction smoothly.
The Runabout Model A with Quad Drive 6000w  
will have a Run Time 2 hours , 40 miles, 75 with extra external pack. 
Features 4 rear hub motor wheels with regenerative braking. 
Speeds......from a crawl to walking speed, double time and up to 20 mph for short bursts.
The Runabout Model M Hexapod Drive 9000w  
Features 2 additional front mounted hub motors with separate battery bank. Excellent for san francisco hill climbing/ off street or for a reserve power supply to go those last few miles . 
Speeds......from a crawl to walking speed, double time and up hills. Can tow or push added weight.
This will be our professional commercial Model that will have a Run Time of 4 hours , 75 miles, 150 on external pack. The commercial applications for this type of PTV is huge. For example It could be used in airports to help passengers move about the airport. Featuring enough torque to tow a  carry along  with 2 people or kids and baggage. Resorts, and other commercial applications and even advertising rolling billboards. Rentals at resort towns. It would even be possible to have a people towing service. Like a small seated rickshaw
Medibouts add a sit down/ stand up seat, strap in a patient and be remotely controlled or routed via pre programmed routes, or person controlled.
A MUST SEE - Henry Ford's vision for the everyman car.

It's as valid today as it ever was back then.

My vision for the Everyman's PTV Prototype is going to be called the Runabout Model T.  

Like hoverboards and electric skateboards, it would appeal to many age groups for short trips and just for fun but not its main goal. The best part is it will be very easy to ride and will

require no balancing act. Step on and go. The older crowd like me not ready for bulky heavy carts would love the freedom of mobility to go where we can't or don't want to walk otherwise.  I would think that kept at a walking speed, double time pace, battery run time should be very long. And for the older crowd going to big malls or out on the boardwalk with family is now possible.


The original Model T sold for $850.00. So will the Walkabout. It will be foldable and easy to roll weighing in at under 20 lbs.

I am also designing a body and shell for the board/platform/frame.  Once the powertrain and frame is developed it will be like a skateboard only wider with quad rear 1500 watt per hub motor wheels, wrapped around a vacuum formed sleek body. The support frame is being redesigned to fold down into the platform for toting around like a carry on on wheels.

I am going towards these solutions for the powertrain.
Onan X2 Boosters. 
Solves all the DIY Problems. State of the art for 2018 way ahead of all the past expensive
kickstarter boards )all from china) now behind the 8 ball.
Skateboard Hub Motors   
Are they waterproof in the rain


Are electric skateboards waterproof? Yes, some are but not all. Consumers should

do extensive research so as to find products that are durable regardless of the

elements of weather they are subjected to. A good product that is water

resistant should possess a high ingress protection rating clearly indicated on it.

An IP65 rating or greater is recommended and is what should always be

aimed at when purchasing electronic boards that are waterproof.

If you’re looking for a waterproof electric board, you should check

out our reviews on the homepage. We have covered all the latest models and best brands helping you make a better choice.

Of all the options the X2 is the most waterproof.

For some of the best board reviews see


Andrews youtube channel

Could work well for Belt Driven Front Wheel Drive Runabout option with separate battery bank.
Belt Drive
Higher Power Options
1200w  90mm dual drive hub motors kits    $150-200 china

Motor specs:
22A peak 15a constant
24-36v peak
1200w for total power-Each hub motor 600w
1100w constant


Motor controller and remote: 

24-36v sina wave controller with various function remote. 

2 wheel MP83mm hub motor 3000W with truck for electric skateboard can be with hall sensor  $320 per set
Motor specs:
60A peak 30a constant
50.4v peak
3000w peak
1500w constant
$150.00 6 KW Link to MP 8085/KV270  sensorless version brushless motor for off road electric skateboard, electric bike and boat ect. 
MOTOR: C8085
KV: 270
POWER: 6000W
ESC: 150-200A
MAX VOLT: 15S Lipo
Could use for custom build...

$ 30.00 ebay   Combo 5” Skateboard Trucks SL 60mm Skateboard Wheels C GN Abec-7 Bearings Screws

Battery Choices


- 12S2P - 44.4v -  6000mah - 266.4wh - ( 14-17 miles ) - Samsung 30Q 18650 Cells
- Up to 16 mile range $329.80 *Specific 12S2P Enclosure with 190KV Motor = 25-30mph Top Speed

12S4P - 44.4v - 11600mah - 515.04wh - ( 33 miles ) - Panasonic PF 18650 Cells
- Up to 33 mile range $450.00 *Specific 12S3P Enclosure with 190KV Motor = 25-30mph Top Speed

Cool link to pictures of hundreds of ptvs 
This was the only device anywhere near my rear support idea. I found it after I designed the Walkabout.