Introducing the Eye Shooter the Ultimate Smartphone Holder

Invented and Manufactured by Tom the doc Barrera.

These demo videos features the Eye Shooters in action at the Altamont Fair in upstate NY. 


Eye Shooter Goes High Wire Walking - Extended 10 minute full length Show. 

I met Walter Murcia, an amazing high wire artist from the Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean.

I asked him to shoot his high wire performance with the eye shooter headband. He and his troupe were into it, so they set up a special performance just for us to record A B rolls. 

We shot it all in one take, I shot handheld from the front pov with neck strap.

Walter filmed from Headband POV. The eye shooter performed well and didn't come off. Amazing!


Feeding Live Butterflies

Across from our exibit at the Saratoga County Fair, was the Feed the Butterflies Tent.

Here is Lauren Barrera a first time Eye Shooter shooting the butterflies*

*No butterflies were harmed in the making of this video.


Fantasy Face Painting

We strapped an eyeshooter on Francene from Fantasy Face Painting to get an up close and personal view of face painting. Rich shot B Roll from an eye shooter on a tripod.


Mr Giraffe was a big hit at the August  Altamont Fair upstate NY.

Here Tom used his new eye shooter in headband mode to capture this majestic creature with the long neck. The footage is impressive, so steady and smooth.

The eye shooter holds your phone, you hold the eye shooter.


Katie takes Elvis for a walk about wearing a Eye Shooter. 

I strapped the Eye Shooter Headband onto Elvis the Horse at the Altamont fair upstate NY.


Going semi extream

I strapped the Eye Shooter Headband onto this guy and he went for a glider ride at the fair.

The video concludes with a kid zip lining.

I went leaping off a tower and into a big bag. 

The Eye Shooter is great for all kinds of sports but not recommended for extream sports like skydiving.  But for most other activities its works great, but use good judgement.

If its dangerous to you and your phone or you wipe out a lot, hope you have insurence on it. 

See the Pirates of the Columbian Caribian. Eye Shooter goes hire wire walking.

If it can go through that without coming off, in can handle most anything.


Daddy would you like some sausage.

I shot this video Survivor Man Style. I promised the guys at Antonios to put this video up of the making of my sausage and peppers sandwich they gave me on the house. 


Rich and I shot this video of Rich Chainsaw sculpting a Bear.

Limited time to shoot this. The line of sight needed to be a bit lower.


Birthday Parties and Special Events

This is a real life example of a two smartphone cameras shooting Anthony and Grandmas double birthday party.

I shot with the headband and daughter Tammy shot handheld with the EZ Grip.